Will Treasures

I began drawing at an early age and added whittling and wood carving after college.  My grandfather had given me his carving tools and with them I often made gifts for friends and relatives.  When I arrived in Crested Butte in 1976 someone suggested that since I carved I should make signs… and that was the beginning of a career! Though largely self-taught, I took a calligraphy class at that time to augment wood carving, and also began brush lettering.  I have been learning and combining media ever since, employing screen and block printing, pen and ink drawing, wood-burning, scratchboard, and enamels in the production of graphic art.

In current projects, both carved and illustrated, I tend to favor animals and natural subjects, ie, all things outside, taking inspiration from the mountains and open spaces around us.  Box lids, cribbage boards, clock faces, and wood plaques with quotations, etc., have all become places to draw or carve, making the useful also ornamental.  I use the hard woods, principally, in my carving, especially cherry, walnut, maple, and basswood. Basswood and maple are my favorites for wood-burning.  I greatly enjoy teaching and regularly offer classes in calligraphy and other media.  Of special interest to me is puppeteering, and I like carving hand-puppets, stick puppets, and marionettes.  You may catch the shows at festivals and special events and in the local libraries and theaters.

You may find some of my creations at the Paragon Gallery at 134 Elk Ave. in Crested Butte, Colorado, and at the Gunnison Gallery at 124 Main St. in Gunnison, Colorado.

My contact information is:
Phone:  970-417-0985
e-mail: w.tintera@gmail.com
Facebook: Will Tintera

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