Merry Christmas

May the season be relaxed and enjoyable
December 7, 2017

Gunnison Night of Lights
Friday December 1st, 4:30-7:00 a warm year this year. There will be a beautiful tree once again.


The Gunnison tree is donated by someone who was going to have to remove the tree anyway, and is the tradition; one I can approve of. Use re-usable trees rather than cutting one down, or one that was grown to be a Christmas tree as the next option. So many trees wasted to be used as decoration for a couple of weeks. There are too many people on Planet Earth, we need to dump archaic traditions.

 The Paragon is open for the winter season.

Thank you to the Gunnison Farmers Market for including us this year with our For the Birds Display; which includes Whirligigs, Weather Vanes, Carvings, Clocks, Plaques, Cribbage Boards and of course Bird Houses.

A big THANK YOU to the Crested Butte Creative District for funding the proposal for a sign to accompany the Steve Glazer Art Collection.
All Artists in the Gunnison Valley are urged to get on the Crested Butte Creative District Directory, and participate in the events.

If you are interested in learning how to be a puppet master, or want to volunteer to be in a future show, contact Will at 970-417-0985.